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Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing Essay examples

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Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing
NUR/492: Leadership and Management
July 9, 2012
Instructor: Janet Bailie Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing Leadership and management are essential to any health care organization, balancing patient care, employees, physicians, and the organization. Nursing is founded on interpersonal relationships. As a people-oriented profession, nursing leadership styles are influenced by humanism. The mission, attitude, and behaviors of a health care organization begins with its leadership, which creates the direction and purpose of the organization. The purpose of this paper is to differentiate between leadership and management, describe views of leadership, and explain the…show more content…

Through trusting interpersonal relationships staff members are empowered to discuss openly concerns and proposed solutions without consequence from the leader. It is important that followers feel comfortable with approaching the leader with complaints or concerns. Leadership demonstrating a neutral position and maintaining a non-judgmental attitude when faced with difficult situations is much easier to approach.
Effective Leadership Leading a health care organization comes with immense responsibility and is not an easy task. Transformational leadership has proven to be an effective leadership style in the nursing profession, demonstrating a clear mission, a commitment to excellence, and the ability to motivate and lead others to higher levels of achievement (Schwartz, Spencer, Wilson, & Wood, 2001). Characteristics and qualities of an effective leader include
• Communication skills- able to openly communicate, easy to approach, and listens
• Compassionate- kind, caring, and respectful of others
• Dependable-reliable, consistent
• Motivating- empowers others to perform at their best, promotes a sense of responsibility, encourages and assists other to excel in their profession
• Actively participates- is a team player, leads by example
• Fair- remains neutral when dealing with conflict, treats employees equally, is non-judgmental

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Nurse Leader Essay

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Nurse Leader
Leadership does not always come with a title or prestige. Every nurse has within themselves qualities that make them a great leader. Leadership by definition, “is a combination of intrinsic personality traits, learned leadership skills, and characteristics of the situation (Cherry& Jacob (2013 p. 335). A leader is one who has the capacity and skills to direct or encourage others in efforts to achieve an outcome. I recently completed a self-assessment on my perceived leadership abilities. The survey was called the Nurse Manager Skills Inventory (Nurse Manager Leadership Partnership, 2008). It consists of four content areas of which I will address and identify my strengths and weaknesses.
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Career planning I rated myself between competent and expert in the three areas of career planning. I understand my role in my current job and I have a full understanding of where I want to be in the future. My career path has me staying at my present employer. I love working for my state’s Quality Improvement Organization. I am surrounded by people who are striving to better health care for all residents in Wisconsin and I am thrilled to be part of this team!
Personal Journey Disciplines I have the opportunity to participate in shared leadership as I lead several statewide initiatives in regards to stroke care. I have had the sometimes uncomfortable opportunity many times to reflect on choices I have made, this is also known as “action learning”. I believe it is a good practice to ponder decisions made to determine if possibly a different path or choice could have been made. This makes one a good leader to thoughtfully contemplate behaviors.
Reflective Practice Reference Behaviors/Tenets Personal reflection is individualized and as such there are several methods that can be utilized. The tenant I need to personally work on is the appreciation of ambiguity. I do appreciate everyone’s uniqueness and value every person as a holistic individual. However, I am definitely not perfect at

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