Community Relations Cover Letter Sample

Dear Ms. Johnson,

I read with interest your recent advertisement for the Community Coordinator position currently available at Skills Unlimited. As a candidate I offer exceptional public relations and community awareness combined with a terrific and open approach. With a Master’s degree in Public Relations and a strong ability to represent the company I make an exceptional candidate for your consideration.

My current Community Coordinator position has afforded me the opportunity to plan and execute press conferences and author successful press releases on behalf of the organization. I have organized a large trade show attended by over one thousand people leading to increased visibility and translating into new customers and increased sales. My specific public relations aptitude and experience have led to high success as a Community Coordinator. Additionally I possess excellent oral and verbal communication skills. I understand the importance of networking and attend as many conferences as possible in order to effectively represent corporate interests. With ten years of Community Coordinator experience I understand what is necessary.

I know you’ll find me a perfect fit for the Community Coordinator position at Acme Inc. I can be reached via telephone or email to schedule an interview. I look forward to meeting with you.


Jessica Summers

Community Manager Cover Letter

Community manager cover letter is the best way to display off your expertise and skills to a prospective employer. Make sure you let the hiring manager know what you are capable of doing such as leasing space, managing tenants and making sure that all the rules and regulations of the community are carried out properly. This letter should include your experience, training and enthusiasm for the post.

Community manager plays an important role in the company. They are the voice of the company both externally and internally. They are responsible for customer relations, marketing, public relations, and event management. Employers look for community managers who are capable of carrying out each and every duty smoothly and has the ability to relay information to the public in an easy manner in other words he should be a great communicator and enjoy working with people and helping them.

Before you think of writing the cover letter, make sure you know what to write and what not to. There are often a lot of mistakes made while writing a cover letter. Following are some tips and instructions that should be followed while writing such letters.

  • Avoid starting the letter with, "Hi," this shows that you do not have any idea who the hiring manager is and how you have to address him / her. Hence it is necessary you do a little research about the organization you are intending to apply. However, if you still are not sure about whom to address, just write, "Dear Hiring Manager."
  • Grab the attention of your recruiter at the first go. Start your letter in a great way. Talk about who you are as a candidate and why you think you are qualified for the position.
  • Write short sentences as the hiring manager does not have time to read stories and complicated sentences.
  • Never make your cover letter send narrative instead make it look more professional and insert information that will help you as a candidate.
  • Finally proofread your letter and check for typos, grammar issues and misspelled words. This way it will avoid your letter getting tossed in the trash.

A sample cover letter for community manager will guide you, as to how to write these letters and help you in a great deal for your job search.

Mark Anthony
356 Green Street
Edgewater, NJ 3678

May 6th, 2011

Mr. Julius Rossi
Head Human Resource Manager
Edgewater Company
Edgewater, NJ 3678

Dear Mr. Rossi,

I was excited to learn about the job position for community manager job opening at your company (insert the company name). I have the experience and skills that you are looking for the post and have included a copy of all along with my resume.

I have a year's experience of managing people in a customer service oriented program and a two year experience as community manager in (mention the company name here). During this span of time, I had an experience of managing over five hundred residents related to their accommodation, activities and care schedules. I also handled legal documents in this regard and communicated with family members and build a solid community relationship.

I would love to discuss this position with you further and know more about your company as well. Please do call me at (insert contact details) or email me at (insert email address).

Thank you so much for your consideration. I look forward to meet you as soon as possible.

Mark Anthony

Enclosure: resume and work experience certificate

This is how you can write a community manager cover letter and show your interest for the post. The letter is an opportunity for you to communicate directly and target your reader prior to an interview.

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