Psy 270 Week 8 Assignment Developing

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Case Study 1 Josephine is most likely suffering from schizoid personality disorder. It is believed that certain environmental and genetic factors may predispose one to develop schizoid personality disorder, though the actual cause of the disorder still remains a mystery. Individuals reared by parents who were unresponsive and emotionally uninvolved may result in these individuals developing schizoid personality disorder. A family history of the disorder as well as childhood abuse may also contribute to the development of schizoid personality disorder. Schizoid personality disorder treatment options include medication, psychotherapy, and group therapy. Medication is generally used for the treatment of anxiety or depression symptoms an individual may be experiencing stemming from the disorder. The development of social skills, sensitivity to others feelings and empathy are all taught through psychotherapy and has proven beneficial in the treatment of schizoid personality disorder. Group therapy is another effective treatment for individuals suffering with schizoid personality disorder. In group therapy individuals afflicted with the disorder are given the opportunity to interact with and receive constructive feedback from others in a supportive environment. Case Study 2 Narcissistic personality disorder is most likely the disorder Luis is suffering from. Childhood experiences are believed to be the probable causes of this disorder. Individuals afflicted with

I would have to say I agree somewhat with all the viewpoints on causes and treatments for substance abuse. In my opinion, there is not one certain cause that persuades an individual to begin abusing substances. There is not one specific treatment that proves to be effective for substance abuse. Just as no two individuals are the same, the same is true for the causes and treatments for substance abuse. What caused one individual to become a substance abuser may be totally different from another individual’s cause. This is why the treatment for each individual must be different as well. It all depends on finding which course of treatment will work best for a specific individual. The sociocultural view supports the belief that personal behavior is shaped by their environment. Family, culture, and the society they live in would be included in their environment. This view is basically stating that individuals from lower socioeconomic levels have a higher probability of developing addiction problems than others. This could be blamed in part to being presented with more difficulties and hardships in life. People living in these conditions are less likely to receive the help they need. Without the proper treatment, these


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