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...HOPE I have a picture in my head, sometimes I feel like it’s just an illusion, a smoke that disappears as soon as it comes, other times I feel like it’s so real I can actually touch it. It’s this dream I’ve had since watching my family wallow in abject poverty during childhood. It was so bad that I came home from school one day to the two roomed apartment where my parent myself and my only sibling lived, to find out it looked a little bigger-- my mom was gone so also all her belongings and the only black and white television we had, yeah she was really gone I was shocked to my bones, you watch some movies and you see parents fight for the custody of the child this was not the case, my mom gladly left us behind, apparently, we’ll be a burden to her finding a better life, whatever happened to the “for better for worse, in sickness and health for richer for poorer till death do us apart” that she made to my father not so long ago, what about we the children she couldn’t even think to take at least me along, no matter how much I’d hate to leave my father I would have still gone but why cry over spilled milk, she’s gone never to return home again. After seeing my father whom I considered to be one of the strongest men in my life break down and cry like the whole world had come crumbling down on him, I knew I was done for, but that was as far as it went, as the saying goes whatever does not break you will only make you stronger, that was exactly what happened, my dad......

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...suspension (multiple), termination 9) occupational health and safety within HR (IPACT) Occupational Health nurses Case consultant Ergonomist Health and safety consultant (do audits, safety stuff) 1 for every union- including non-union Occupational health develops policies 10) developing- whoever is most responsible i.e. computers would be an IT. Go through team, senior leadership team for final approval and sign off. 11) job evaluation pieces- questionanaire reviewed on 9 factors. Help determine where it fits. Partnership with hey group evaluate non-unionized grous. Marketplace comparison. Benefits- extended health care- full time. Pay 75% by employer Semi private hospital coverage Short term and long term disability Group life insurance Pension plan Employ assistance plan Accidental death dismemberment 12) 4 union groups- OWNA ( any registered nurse ) SEIU (all RPN, housekeeping, nutrition and food) Local 1 Local 2- security OPSEU ( lab and imaging departments ) 13) organizational development Professional practice department (specific education for units) No corporate central training budget Each department have own allotment Individual basis, or corporate or department Part of annual performance appraisal (growth plan) Tuition reimbersments...

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While There Is Life, There Is Hope

...“There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something tomorrow” (Marden) Hope, is a word used too commonly but not defined very clearly. When people hope on something, they are simply wishing for it to happen. Think of a woman who has been diagnosed with cancer. Her husband has died and her children have moved away. She has no one to care for her so she hopes every day that she will become better, and by doing that it can give her peace of mind and relieve stress. It can let her see a positive outlook in her life, which leads her to eating the right foods, taking her medicine, and exercising more. To her, hope is the small spark when everything else in her world is dark. Hope is driving her to do things and get the best end results on her life. She plans for the worst, but hopes for the best. You will suffer, you will despair, you will cry and you will feel sorrow. It’s unavoidable. But guess what! There is good news, there is Hope. It means that life doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom. Every moment you live is a chance to turn things around, change your perspective, find your focus, achieve your goals, and continue on your mission. All you need is hope. Even if all things seem lost, as long as you have hope, things might just change for the better. Now, it takes more than hope to make a positive impact against your struggles, but hope is the start. “Hope never abandons you; you abandon it”...

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...studies of what went wrong in development initiatives, the reasons why they went wrong and some suggestions as to how the same mistakes can be avoided. 1.4 Selective participation Very often it is the most visible and vocal, wealthier, more articulated and educated groups that are allowed to be partners in development without serious and ongoing attempts to identify less obvious partners. Friedman (1993, pp. 11–17) and Young (1993, p. 148) has warned against the practice Downloaded from http://cdj.oxfordjournals.org/ at AGORA Kenya Administration account on December 4, 2013 46 COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT JOURNAL VOL. 35 NO. 1 2000 of many development agencies to engage exclusively with particular groups as community representatives, while Gaigher et al. (1995, p. 239) also mentioned that poor community penetration by NGOs and CBOs is one of the main impediments to community participation. Since many community organizations are not democratically elected, the involvement of local leaders often represents the voice of a group of self-appointed people, and may not accurately reflect the views and perspectives of the broader community. This easily runs the risk of the project being co-opted by certain groups or interests, leaving development workers with a feeling that the beneficiaries consulted were the wrong ones. This may create problems because the needs and issues at stake are determined by people who do not experience poverty in society. Salole (1991, p. 10) even......

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...Hope is something everyone needs. To be without hope is to have a dismal future. Without hope, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Hope is something that everyone needs when there is nothing they can do in a seemingly miserable situation. I was placed in this position not too long ago. It was like any other day, I was walking home from school with my siblings. When I entered through the front door, I instantly felt a sense of tension in the air. My mom, older brother, aunt, uncle, and grandparents were all sitting in the living room, with looks of weightiness upon their faces. My mother told me and my little brothers to have a seat next to her. We sat down and she grabbed my hand, then she told me the horrible news. She told us that she had Cervical Cancer. The announcement struck my heart to the core, the tears started to gradually fall from my eyes. Those were the tears of a broken heart. They started flowing until there are no more tears left to express my pain. Once I finally stop crying my mother gave me big hug and looked at me and said everything was going to be okay. From that day on I told myself that would be her rock, and she could depend on me. Months have passed, and I have gone to every surgery and chemotherapy appointment my mother has had. The first month had went by like a breeze, it really did seem like she was going to come out of this healthier than she went in. As the second month started to approach, I started seeing changes in my mom. She...

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...to him, a translator. These translators should obviously be fluent in the language spoken by their president. In addition, they should also be fluent in some common language Lc, to be used for communicating with each other. Lc could be one of the languages Lx or Ly, but this is in no way required, and in fact, as long as the presidents trust the quality of the service provided by their translators, nobody but the translators themselves should worry about Lc. One should notice that how the services are obtained through the service access points doesn’t need to be identical on both sides. For instances one could imagine that president X is on very friendly terms with his translator and conveys a lot of information just trough body signs while president Y communicates very formally, by phone with his translator. The translators communicate with each other by means of the services provided by another black box. Inside this black box devices providing cryptographic encoding are fulfilling the confidentiality requirement (Fig.1.3). Encryption and decryption is done by means of some cryptographic key Kc, which should be kept secret. Only the operators of the cryptographic devices in Tx and Ty should have access to the key. [pic] Fig.1.2. Discovering the translators layer. [pic] Fig.1.3. Discovering the cryptographic layer. The cryptographic devices communicate by means of the services provided by still another black box. Inside this last black box, radio......

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...research study in 1990 led by Dr. Robert S. Kaplan in conjunction with US management consultancy Nolan-Norton, and during this study described his work on performance measurement.[7] Subsequently, Kaplan and David P. Norton included anonymous details of this balanced scorecard design in a 1992 article.[8] Kaplan and Norton's article wasn't the only paper on the topic published in early 1992[9] but the 1992 Kaplan and Norton paper was a popular success, and was quickly followed by a second in 1993.[10] In 1996, the two authors published a book The Balanced Scorecard.[11] These articles and the first book spread knowledge of the concept of balanced scorecard widely, and has led to Kaplan and Norton being seen as the creators of the concept. While the "balanced scorecard" terminology was coined by Art Schneiderman, the roots of performance management as an activity run deep in management literature and practice. Management historians such as Alfred Chandler suggest the origins of performance management can be seen in the emergence of the complex organisation - most notably during the 19th Century in the USA.[12] More recent influences may include the pioneering work of General Electric on performance measurement reporting in the 1950s and the work of French process engineers (who created the tableau de bord – literally, a "dashboard" of performance measures) in the early part of the 20th century.[6] The tool also draws strongly on the ideas of the 'resource based view of the......

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...Hope Hope is what keeps us moving on even though everything may seem to be lost. Hope is like a light in the tunnel, showing us the way out of the dark and unpleasant place. Hope is what changed my life forever that fateful night… Ever since that incident, I had been confined in a wheelchair, always needing to depend on others for support. I had lost all hope that time, thinking that I was never going to stand and use my own legs again. I hated everything, including myself, having to depend on someone for something as simple as going to the washroom. I had become resentful, blaming everything on others. I cannot even imagine that I would ever be able to stand on my two feet again. All the doors seem to close on me, trapping me in that small pitch black room. That day, I was sitting on my wheelchair as always and staring into space. I tried to stand to grab a book on the top shelf but failed and tumbled down onto the floor. The thought that I could not do anything without anyone’s help made my vision blur. I started to grab anything within my reach and throw them across the room, frustrated at my inability at doing anything. I heard the door open and my mother’s sweet perfume wrapped around me. The next thing I knew was her cradling me like a baby while I cried, complaining about how the shelf was too high. I learnt that I should never do anything like that again. While I was reading the book, I heard a knock on my window. Curious, I finally opened up the......

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...there were mirrors on both sides of the room, it was dark, everyone was chatting, and there were candles all over the room. It was a very relaxing environment for me. While I was setting up my yoga mat the instructor was very friendly, asking if I had done yoga before, and just generally chatting. When everyone showed up we started our breathing. We then started the class with a sun salutation. We went through the class and it was a very good workout. It got very hot in the room very quickly, even though there were only six people attending. When we had gone through most of the class, our instructor taught us a new pose called “the raven”. She was very calming and relaxed throughout the class, and helped us do the poses correctly. She prompted us to do the poses using both the names, and giving us instruction on how to position our bodies. She was very helpful, especially for someone who doesn’t know many poses. At the end of the class as I was getting ready to leave, our instructor was chatting with everyone and was very friendly. Overall I really enjoyed this class experience. I was worked hard, but my mind was very relaxed. It was a friendly environment and a fantastic workout. I was sore for three days! The other people in the class knew how they wanted to adjust their poses in order to fit their bodies. I hope one day I will be able to know how to do that too....

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...Hope Demi Lewis LDS Business College Hope requires faith and faith requires action, life can seem hard and unjust sometimes but never stop hoping. Learn to follow your heart and be brave no matter the circumstance. Heavenly Father is on your side. This semester came and went in a blink of an eye, but as it did I was changed along the way. Since the first day of class I thought I was comfortable and confident in who I was becoming as an individual. Although as naturally imperfect beings we can be wrong sometimes. I was wrong this time, the person I was becoming was not constantly aware of the way other people felt when communicating. As one of my weaknesses I tend to judge group settings and make an overall assumption they all feel the same way. Yet this class taught me differently, it taught me that although some people in the group can feel a certain way, not all. Through the semesters’ teaching’s I am now able to read these situations much clearly now. Also I appreciated getting to know everyone s strengths it made me help to look outside of the individual I was talking to and more in depth to who they are. It made me look at them and understand why they were feeling that way. I even began to use it outside of school, to wonder what strengths they had and maybe that's why we clashed. This class has taught me a great deal of looking at an individual carefully and understanding them first before making assumptions. The strengths test gave me much insight......

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Is There Hope in the Proles

...the proles have the potential for rebellion. Because the masses are relatively free, whereas his own life is rigourously controlled, they could seize the opportunity to rise up and overthrow the oppressive state. The 'swarming disregarded masses' could overwhelm the ruling minority if they acted consciously. Unfortunately for Winston's hope, it is clear that the proles do not act consciously, at least, not in the sense he desires. The incident which sets him alive with hope turns out to be not the stirring of rebellion against the Party, but merely a frustrated reaction to the short supply of some tawdry saucepans. It appears that the ruling Party's (and Goldstein's) disregard for the proles is based in fact: they are not capable of rebellion, for their thoughts and aspirations are simply on too low a level for them to achieve the kind of goals Winston has in mind. Orwell displays Winston's hopes for the proles as "a mystical truth and a palpable absurdity". Indeed, it seems to be both a common intellectual conceit, and true, that 'the masses' lack the capacity for inspired rebellion. Although Orwell himself believed in equality, he was obviously aware that most people will settle for what they have. The proles within Oceania's society are therefore the unimportant majority. They also exist within the novel in order to provide a contrasting background for Winston's life. Their lives are straightforward and ordinary, but they have something Winston does not have. They......

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Only Hope

...Only Hope INTRODUCTION: “……………..Unless I can stop this feeling and made the best caffeine of drug! I need to exhale and inhale! I proposed to live longer and be with….. But I guess I shouldn’t! I’m mistakable! I irritate while that happen… Rumors and flings. Accidentally I fell…. Am I still take this chance to be with him or go away and live my life in darkest?” >>>>>Airielle Hoover “I am still doing the right for you. Don’t worry I will be there though you making me fastened and lice. Remember me! Begging you to please give me chance Airielle. “ >>>>>Austine Curl Xiu The reason why people hated to be with someone is that, they cannot find themselves a private way to express their own emotions and expressions. Other people might says, “Better to be with someone who will make you happy”, what if the reason why you prefer to be alone is that someone who you want to be with is always ignoring you when you need his help or let say his affection and belongingness is not unto you. What if every time you go for, is just like you’re a wind and crap to that person? How can you stay and find time to reassure that he will give you more time to talk with your problems or flaws either? How should you see yourself to be trapped and when you fall asleep the only thing you can imagine is your already dead without knowing and feel it? Life is really unfair and so ridiculous, you cannot find your way and purpose to anyone’s life and you always......

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...Hopes and Aspirations We all have dreams. They are our hopes and aspirations. We all dreams of something, whether it be growing up to be rich and famous, marrying that one person of our dreams, or anything else we wish to accomplish. Dreams are the pleasant images that pass through our mind during slumber. The bottom line is we all have dreams and one day we hope to accomplish them For the most part people believe the cliche that dreams do come true. Obviously everyone wants their dreams to come true, because we have this impression that dreams are supposed to be these wonderful and magical visions. When we have a bad dream, we give it a totally different name, we call it a nightmare. When we have a good dream, we do not have a separate name for that. So this gives dreams a positive connotation. Most people are fine with this, and do not think anything of it. The etymology of the word actually means something quite different. The word dream originates from a German word, which actually means to deceive or delude. It also has to do with ghost or apparition. Somewhere along the way the word changed from something that had negative connotation to a more peaceful and happy word. I do not believe that the phrase dream should keep its positive association with out having some negative side. What I find very strange is, the meaning of the German word that dream derives from is not found in any English dictionary today. It can only be found when searching for the etymology of......

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...Associate Level Material Life Resource Center Scavenger Hunt The Life Resource Center (LRC) is a valuable free tool available to Associate Level students. Taking some time to explore this website to discover some of the many topics, resources, and tools available is a great way to find information to enhance health and wellness. Login to the student website. Click on the Programs tab at the top of the page, and then on Life Resource Center under Services. Explore the resources available on the site and use them to answer the following questions. 1. What are the two ways that students may receive counseling services through the LRC? Over the phone and in person. 2. What heading are the Health Tools and Health Challenges found under? Health tools under thriving. 3. Where is the Assess Your Health tool located? Lifestyle change, Physical fitness, Prevention and screening, tips for healthy living. 4. What are the five categories on the Live Healthy Page? Healthy eating in thriving 5. Where can resources and articles about good nutrition be found on the LRC? Parenting, aging, and working. 6. What are three of the health topics that can be found on the LRC? Parenting, aging, and working. 7. What are two categories found under the Medical Care heading? Dental care and repercussion 8. Where on the LRC would a person find information on addiction and recovery? Under the health topic of “Balancing”. 9. Where on the LRC would a person find......

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...Terry? The fact sent an immense bang into my head, stabbing it with thousands of knifes. “…..don’t keep your hopes high. In fact, there is no hope unless a donor turns up. We have already placed him on the waiting list. All you can do is wait and care for him. Or maybe you can consider putting him to sleep forever.” Something within me snapped as the words “no hope” registered. Still in a state of daze, I stumbled out of the room and to the intensive care unit. The constant beeping sound of the heart rate monitor was the only sound sharp enough to slice through the deadly silence that washed over the nauseating atmosphere. My sixteen-year old son, Terry, laid stiffly, like a corpse if not for the steady rise and fall of his chest, across the hospital bed, white sheets pulled all the way to his chin, with lots of machines attached to him. He looked extremely vulnerable and fragile, that the slightest wind would blow him into pieces. My heart ached at the sight of this and wrenched in pain at each beeping sound. He had been so alive just a few hours ago. He still has had so many years ahead of him, supposedly. What will happen to me if he was gone? His mother died of an illness when he was one year old, leaving us, father and son, to rely on each other. “Papa, You are my father, my friend and my hope. I love you.” “I love you too, Terry. I am and forever will be your hope.” Memories of a happier age came charging like a red bull. Unable to contain my emotions, I felt my......

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  "While there is life, there is hope" - the words once uttered by Cicerone have not lost their significance even now. The majority of our contemporaries lives in the world of burning desires and cannot even admit the possibility of a failure. Consequently, all the misfortunes, which inevitably happen to them, may be very upsetting and stressful. On the other hand, those who are guarded by hope and are convinced that nothing is over until it is actually over, eventually become deserved winners.

Steven Redgrave, the champion who has received five Olympic gold medals, is an outstanding sportsman. However, on the way to his success, he had to come across a serious obstacle - illness. In 1997, his health began to deter, and after a visit to the hospital, he heard the diagnosis - diabetes. At first, his disappointment was so considerable that he was on the verge of canceling his sport career. However, when the doctor announced that the chance of curing was high, Steven perked himself up and hoped only for the best. The result was impressive: he became the winner not only of the competition, but of the disease too.

In the most tragic and tense situations, hope can save the person, sometimes even the whole nation. Guyana is an independent state in the northern part of Southern America. In the sixteenth century, it was colonized by France and Britain. The invaders expelled the majority of population out of the territory. They built many prisons, which served as the punishment for those brave people who attempted to fight back and protect the land. As the result, not very numerous Guyanese started to disappear gradually. However, those who managed to survive were always hoping for the best and were convinced in the ability to stand over the territory. Finally, a miracle happened: the dream they cherished for so long finally came true. In the twentieth century, Guyana started a process of rapid development and established its own space research center. In addition, now, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions as it preserves the huge amount of rare species of flora and fauna.

We cannot feel or touch the hope, because it is not the part of our body. However, it is an essential component of the soul. This is a feeling that helps us to achieve any aim and to overcome all difficulties.

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