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Life Orientation


Life orientation is an excitingly diverse subject, incorporating many aspects of life. Most people who matriculated more than a decade ago, will remember life skills, guidance counselling, PT classes and religious studies. However, Life orientation (LO) has evolved into a holistic subject encompassing emotional, physical, spiritual and mental aspects of life. For example: Life orientation provides a learner with the necessary skills to compile a CV, understand relationships, find a career, learn about lifestyle diseases or understand why democracy is necessary in our country….to name but a few.

Life orientation is a compulsory subject from grade 8-12.

Based on the National Curriculum Statement, grades 8, 9 & 12 follow 4 learning outcomes in 2013:

  • LO 1: Personal well-being
  • LO 2: Citizenship
  • LO 3: Recreation and physical well-being
  • LO 4: Career and career choices

Grades 10 & 11 follow the CAPS (Curriculum and assessment policy statement) syllabus of 2013:

  • Development of self in society
  • Social & environmental responsibility
  • Democracy and Human rights
  • Career and career choices
  • Study skills

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