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Family Guy is not what you think. That is, it isn't if you think what I thought at first: a crude, tactless and brutal cartoon made solely to satisfy a primal juvenile need to laugh at the offensive. No. That is not Family Guy. Is Family Guy crude, tactless, brutal, offensive and juvenile? Often, yes. However, there is something much deeper going on.

To bristle at the ugly stereotypes perpetuated by this cartoon is natural. I cringe at their sly Jews, their effeminate homosexuals and every other offensive stererotype the show parades in front of us. Yet it's not done in this manner out of racist or homophobic spite. It's not a marketing tool to brainwash the public with xenophobia.

Quite the opposite. By parading these stereotypes in front of us, we, thinking ourselves reasonable people, say, "That can't be true. That's nonsense." Yes, it's nonsense, and that's the reaction that Family Guy intends to provoke. By exaggerating these racist or homophobic views to a comic level, it shows us how ridiculous they are.

We watch as the Griffins make stunted remarks such as Lois' claim that a man can't be sexually harassed by a woman. We know that something's not right; this isn't right. In the event we haven't experienced it personally, just from watching the episode in which Peter is harassed by a woman in a manner not so far from reality, we know that men can be harassed by women, and to assume otherwise is bigotry and falsehood. Family Guy sneaks in such lessons while entertaining us, even if such lessons make us cringe while laughing.

Family guy is a dysfunctional family that lives in Quahog, Rhode Island. The parents: Peter and Lois. The children: the oldest, Meg, the middle child, Chris and the baby is Stewie. Last but not least, the dog Brian. This TV show exhibits crude, adult humour. There are many different opinions on this show, many parents are ok with letting there children watch it and other refuse to do so because of the kind of humour some parents are on edge. So is family guy a negative influence on children? I believe it does have a negative influence on kids.

To start the language they use, secondly the violence and actions towards each other and other and also it is a very sexist show. Firstly, the language used in the episodes of family guy is a very vulgar, crude, dirty and coarse. They swear a lot for example when Brian talks to Megs friend he says, quote “you know Connie, I think I have a theory about why you’re such a bitch”. If kids watch this on TV by fictional characters they can’t tell that its not the way to talk so they can repeat it at school or even say it to there parents and they do not want their children to talk that way.

Also the language they use that discriminates different races, religions and gay people is negative on the children watching this show it gives them the impression that it’s ok, so if in school or at the shopping center they see a person of colour or even if they know a person of different religion they might talk to them and say things that are very inappropriate. For example where the children could get it from, episode two of season eight , the whole episode is about Jewish people, Louis finds out that she and her mother are Jewish and wants to peruse fallowing the Jewish culture but then peter says to her “Jews are gross Lois.

It’s the only religion with the word ew in it. And there are also the comments that discriminate against people of colour and to do so they use Kermit the frog, the black man sitting in a boat (looks like he is escaping from being a slave) asks him “which way to get into town? ” Kermit replies with a shot gun in his hand “back from where you came from”. This is just a tiny bit of what happens in the show. This show is very negative on children and they way they will interact with other in public.

They also make fun of amputees, this can be very harmful to the way children interact with other kids that have this kind of problem example Joe is Peter Griffins neighbour and there is an episode that says no legs no service. Also, this show is a very sexist show, they always make reference to women being in the kitchen and that is all they’re good at for example, in one episode peter tells Louis that making sandwiches and babies are the only thing she is good for. This kind of behaviour shows to young children that women are no good for anything because that is how the men on this show treat the women.

There’s also lots of coarse language towards women, for example Quagmire a neighbours always has many women over to his house for pleasurable reasons and you hear him call them names like whores, bitches, sluts and more this foul language towards women is another bad influence. Also peter has a teenage daughter Meg, everyone in the show is mean to her. This girl is treated very badly for example in an episode she had sexual intercourse with a guy and a little after that the guy Brandon, broke up with her, in another episode she has another boyfriend Luke and Louis, her mother stole him away from her.

Peter never listens to her and Brian always picks on her. This gives the children watching a sense that’s it is ok to treat women like dogs because in the end they stay with you. Because no matter what kind of pranks or insults Peter does to Louis she never leaves him. Lastly, the amount of violence and the stupid actions that the characters do is a big part of family guy there’s always someone getting hurt or doing something illegal for example doing drugs. They have an episode dedicated to four-twenty; there are many episodes that show peter, Louis and Brian doing weed and other drugs like meth and cocaine.

Also one of the episodes shows peter bringing Stewie his baby to a man that injects him with steroids because he was beat on by another baby but it was a girl and peter wanted Stewie to be a strong baby. This give the impression to children that taking drugs is ok because family guy does it. Nothing bad ever happens to these characters only funny events or they come out of it. It doesn’t show them the side effects or any of the real effects it has on them so kids think its only play and when its offered to them by others like friends they will take it and this can all lead to hospitalization and even death.

But the children won’t see that on TV. Also there’s an episode that Stewie shoots Louis and pushes her over a boat into the water and dies but there’s a turn around and at the end of this episode Louis is really alive. If a child who doesn’t know any better sees this he will not understand that it is not real and that if you shoot someone they will most likely die. So if this child happens to find a gun in his father’s drawer and starts playing with and they’re playing cops and shoots the other child he will not think anything of it because in family guy the character came to life again, but in real life the child is dead.

This will have a negative effect on the child and all he thought was that he was playing. The violence in this show is for an older audience, it will only have a negative effect on younger children. In conclusion, family guy is a show full of violence, drugs, sex, coarse language, racism and more. It should only be viewed by an older audience and not younger because it makes younger children who don’t know what is real and what’s not and what’s wrong and what’s not, react to different situations. So should TV shows like family guy be cancelled completely?


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