Space Topic Homework Ideas For Preschool

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The Eight Phases of the Moon

Preschoolers are young enough to learn about the moon's eight phases. This lesson plans teaches them through hands-on activities, videos and books. It also allows the preschoolers to tell you in their own words what they learned about the moon.

Blast Off! A Space Unit for Preschool Students

From songs and poems to numbers and reading, children can learn about space in so many ways. These lesson plans not only get preschoolers on their feet and moving, but they introduce them to some great books. For a math lesson, teach them to count backward from ten to one and shout, "blast off!"

Space Activities for Preschool

Youngsters can learn the basics about the solar system's eight planets with these fun activities. They can pretend they are dancing comets or walking on the moon. They can also create their very own twinkling star with glitter and cardboard cutouts.

You Are My Sunshine

Your preschoolers will have a blast creating these sunny art projects. From paper plate masks to garden stakes, they will use their fine motor skills making these simple crafts. They can also learn about the importance of loved ones by creating photo collage.

Teaching Star Shapes

A star is one of the more popular shapes in preschool. To teach youngsters about it, they can sing songs and even hold a "star party." The children can even create their own evening sky with some star stickers and black construction paper.

Rocket Trip to the Moon

What a great way to learn about outer space! Let your students imagine they are flying to the moon by creating their own rocket out of recycled materials. They can also practice taking that "one giant step" by pretending to walk on the moon.

Outer Space Games

These games take a complex subject such as outer space and make it fun and interesting to learn. Kids can make "craters on the moon" by throwing balls into a sandbox and learn where Earth is in the solar system through the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey game. Finally, introduce the youngsters to constellations with a guessing game using pictures.

Preschool Space Books

There are many books dedicated to teaching young ones about space. This article lists several including the classic Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me by Eric Carle. Take this list to the library or bookstore on your next trip.

Preschool Art About the Planets

There's nothing more fun about learning for preschoolers than letting the kids get their hands dirty. For a lesson on space, let them paint what they think Earth looks like from outer space or make sun catchers shaped like the planet. They can even create a class solar system on a bulletin board complete with meteors and comets.

Lesson Plan About Space

Lesson plans about space should focus on what is and is not found out there, as well as teaching the concept of a planet or the sun. Activities include making space helmets or play oxygen tanks to use on an imaginative journey to the moon. Create some "moon rocks" from Styrofoam balls or aluminum foil and let the kids find them on a treasure hunt.

These activities are just a few ideas teachers can use to create some cosmic lessons for their preschoolers. Remember, with the moon, sun and stars, there are no limits as long as the children have fun learning.

Literacy Activities

Read and discuss lots of fun books about space.

Place small pictures of different space themed items in your literacy center along with letter tiles or magnetic letters. Have the children match the picture with the letter that it starts with. Ideas for pictures include moon, star, sun, planet, rocket, comet, and astronaut.

Choose a space themed word like moon or sun, and brainstorm a list of words that start the same way.

Strengthen phonological awareness with a rhyming game. Sit in a circle with a group of students. Say a word like star and toss a small, soft ball to one child. (You can even pretend it is the moon if you want.) The child who gets ball then says a word that rhymes with star like car or far and tosses the ball back to you. Toss the ball to another child, who has to say another word that rhymes with star and toss the ball back to you. Nonsense words are allowed. Keep playing until no one can think of one and then start again with a new word like sun or moon. This is a great activity for a small group.

These fun space activities are sure to make your outer space theme for preschool students a success. You might even inspire a few future astronauts.


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