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Before diving deep into all the tips and “how-to’s” on the essay writing, it is crucial to answer one question. “What is a persuasive essays?” This is a very special type of work that requires a student to demonstrate an outstanding versatility of mind. It is often called an argumentative essay, as the writer needs not only to make the reader pick his or her side in a controversial situation but also to gather irrefutable facts to prove the chosen point of view to be correct.

Writing a persuasive essay takes a lot of time and effort. It starts with research, where a student needs to look for the credible sources and find the most suitable information on a certain topic. After the overall exploration, it is important to outline the future paper and think of the cogent facts to include. The writing process itself is the hardest, as the student has to appear as an expert on the topic and present the most cogent arguments.

The structure of a persuasive essay paper is complicated too. Besides the basic introductory, main, and conclusion paragraphs, it also includes a thesis statement and contrary opinion parts. These paragraphs are expected to make a lasting impression; therefore, they need to be written accurately and objectively.

“So, how to write a persuasive essays qualitatively?” Firstly, it is vital to remember that writing a good work requires thorough research and finding reliable sources. If you decide to find them on the Internet, select only those that contain objective and accurate information. Try not to take anything from question-answer websites. They are highly unreliable as about anyone can express own opinion there without providing any proof of own words. Of course, the best option is going to the library and asking the librarian for help. This way may seem too "old-school," however, you will easily find relevant, and trustworthy materials and nothing will distract you from working on the assignment.

Going through the sources on the subject will also help you chose the topic. In case you already have one on your mind, and you have decided on the position you are taking regarding it, the sources will assist in finding quality material to support your stance. You can write down all the supporting facts you have found, and choose the most persuasive ones for your paper. When you are done with this, it is time to move to the writing part.

Whether you are learning to write persuasive essays for middle school or college, remember that there is one thing you should never neglect and that it the outline creation. An outline will determine what info you will to include and in what order. Also, it will help you to stick to the main details you want to inform the reader about, and this will make the paper coherent and consistent. As it was already mentioned what kind of structure you should use, put all the sections down along with the data you gathered. Afterward, you will be able to use the outline as the guide while writing. If you need help writing a persuasive essay outline, try to find a few sample works on the web related to your topic. You will see how their authors structured them, and see whether you can apply the same outline to your own work.

It is important to start working on the paper by preparing a solid thesis statement. Good persuasive essays include strong statements that show the readers what position you take regarding the topic, and what kind of supporting facts you are going to present. As you already have all the necessary data, simply put everything down in a short and clear sentence. This sentence will go into the introductory paragraph, which you can write right after. Make sure to present some background info there if necessary, and make the reader eager to learn more about what you are to say.

The body paragraphs are the next one on the list. While writing them, don’t let the reader get lost in the arguments. Make them clear and logical. It is also crucial to determine the audience you are writing for. The audience can agree or disagree with your opinion, and you need to understand why. It will help you defend your point of view effectively, and present arguments better. Do not forget that the last paragraph before the conclusion should be devoted to the opposing opinion and you need either to refute it or admit that it is true and justified.

Next goes the conclusion. Here, you simply restate the statement you have made in the introductory paragraph, and once again show that your arguments are both solid and valid. Also, you may encourage your readers to explore the topic more or join your side in the discussion.

Finally, give yourself few days for checking the work. Revise everything and get back to it in a day or two. This will help you see the new errors. And, if you are satisfied with the work prepared, feel free to submit it.

It is natural that some students cannot cope with the task of essay writing, especially in the limited amount of time. However, the homework needs to be done anyway. That is when you can use the help of a writing service. There is no need to look for help with“persuasive essays high school," as you are already on the right page. Our service works 24/7 to fulfill the client's needs and provide professional assistance anytime. Order best persuasive essays with Pro-Papers and get ready to make your teacher proud.

Some teachers do not give out topics for the essays, and that means that there are many options to choose from. There are a few ways to decide on a topic. First one is brainstorming. If you want to write persuasive essay in a successful way, it is important to focus on the things you find interesting and think of more or less controversial problems related to them. If you cannot come up with a topic for a long time and the paper needs to be done as soon as possible, follow the trodden road and choose the criminal law. This subject is very broad and needs to be narrowed down to something more specific. Always keep in mind that your future audience might not be familiar with some of the controversial technical problems, so think twice before choosing astronomy, physics, chemistry and other exact sciences as essay topics, unless it is required for your college persuasive essay.

Anyway, you can always pass this burden of choice to the professionals. Even if you have nothing to start with, our writers will gladly provide you with the topic examples of any kind. Hence, if the thoughts like “I need help with my persuasive essay topic” occupy your mind, our service is exactly what you need. Specify your field of interests and get a variety of options to choose from.

There are a few ways to get your essay done online: using a template or ordering it from a writing service. Both of them seem great at first glance, but that is far from being true. There is no better way to kill the work's originality than using a template. It is impossible to find one of good quality for free, and no one can promise you a better result if you purchase it. Templates make essays look typical and average. That is not something you can get a good mark for at a school or a college.

Therefore, if you have hard times writing argumentative persuasive essay, it is better to order it. Writers are the people with ingenious minds who can do much more than just stick to the certain format. Such individuals are the professionals with years of practice behind their shoulders, and they know exactly what your teacher is expecting to see in the paper.

The writers at Pro-Papers possess high academic degrees and have a rich experience in writing papers in their fields of studies. They also have a thorough knowledge of different styles of writing and can access specialized sources. Therefore, you can be sure that the persuasive essay writer that will work on your paper, will complete it qualitatively and make it stand out.

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Persuasive writing is writing where you try to convince someone to take a particular issue on a point of voice. Persuasive writing may be designed to convince the reader to take your position on a particular issue or may be designed to convince the reader to take a certain action.

Persuading Readers with Your Writing

Persuasive writing is very common in advertising where marketing professionals try to convince you to buy something. Persuasive writing can also be used in lots of other situations as well.

Here are some examples of persuasive writing. 

  • Brand of chips is the crispiest, crunchiest and most delicious brand of chips you will ever taste. Buy a bag today. 
  • A vacation to Florida is an experience you will never forget, offering sun, fun and beautiful beaches. Book your trip today. 
  • An ABC mattress is the most comfortable bed you will ever sleep on. You'll feel as if you are sleeping on a cloud. Give the bed a try today. 
  • XYZ dog food is sure to make your dog's tail wag. If you truly love your dog, you'll give this brand a try today. 
  • You don't want to make a mistake on your tax return. Trust the expert accountants at 123 Accounting with your taxes to ensure you get the most money back. 
  • Our injury attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for clients and we can take your case and represent your interests. Call us today to schedule a free consultation. 
  • Our store has the lowest prices and the best selection of all of the stores in the town. Visit us today to see our great selection. 
  • All of the cool kids are wearing clothes from XXX Store. If you want to fit in with the in-crowd, you should be sure to shop here too. 
  • Our headache medication will get rid of your headache for five hours with just one pill and has fewer side effects than other similar medications. Try it today. 
  • If you vote for me, I will make sure that your taxes are low and that you get the government services that you depend upon. Cast your vote today.
  • Mandatory minimum sentencing is wrong because it is a form of discrimination and many people receive very long sentences for minor crimes. We should overturn mandatory minimum sentencing rules and give judges more discussion.
  • Raising taxes is wrong because people should be entitled to keep their own money and because an increase in tax revenue will be stifling to businesses. We should keep taxes low or even reduce tax rates to encourage growth.
  • The death penalty is a good deterrent for criminals and is fair because the Bible says an eye for an eye. We should keep the death penalty on the books.
  • Marijuana should be legalized because it is no worse for you than alcohol and because we are putting too many people in prison and spending too much money to incarcerate them for nonviolent crimes. 

In each of these examples, the writing is trying to get you to do something or support something by explaining a reason to do it or a benefit or advantage to taking an action.

Do you have a good example to share? Add your example here.

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Persuasive Writing Examples

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Persuasive writing is writing where you try to convince someone to take a particular issue on a point of voice. Persuasive writing may be designed to convince the reader to take your position on a particular issue or may be designed to convince the reader to take a certain action.


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