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1. Separate the following list of assets into real assets and financial assets. What are the distinguishing characteristics of each type of asset? Delivery Truck Factory Building Corporate Bond Inventory Corporate Stock Land Note Receivable Computer Real Assets: Delivery Truck, Factory Building, Inventory, Land, Computer Financial Assets: Corporate Bond, Corporate Stock, Note Receivable Real assets are objects that provide some use or service. Financial assets are pieces of paper that provide a claim to future cash flows. 2. What is the primary factor that determines the price of securities? Can you think of another factor that might significantly affect how investors value the first factor? (Think hard: this second factor isn't mentioned in the chapter.) Financial assets, or securities, get their value from the expected cash flows that come from owning them. The primary determinant of price is what investors expect those cash flows to be. The second factor is risk. Some securities are precarious, and people understand that the cash flows coming from them may turn out to be a great deal more or less than originally expected. These risky


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